We’re Hiring!

Chief executive position opening

Starting January 2021
Location: Washington, D.C. (with some travel)

Qualifications: The successful candidate will exhibit the following qualities:

  • Be an American citizen in good standing, not less than 35 years of age
  • A knowledge of American law and the United States Constitution as well as notions of geography, world history and finance
  • Motivation to absorb the complex structures and protocols of security and diplomacy not known to the general public and a general intellectual curiosity for everything involved in being a strong world leader
  • A history of building good relationships and working as a team
  • Ability to assemble a stable cabinet of advisors with specialised knowledge in various fields of government such as, but not limited to law, sociology, education, agriculture and finance
  • Experience in managing a goal-based staff of people who are willing to furnish opinions based upon their areas of expertise that may differ with those of the chief officer
  • Be able to quickly and efficiently read and digest reports and write recommendations thereupon.
  • Excellent listening skills and the ability to learn from the past
  • Possess a generally optimistic view notwithstanding a strong grasp of reality, both for use in problem-solving
  • To show the clear and concise communication skills in meetings with staff, press and the general public, in person and via media
  • After understanding important briefings, to act upon a consensus of advice and ideas from experts that make up their team, in addition to their own carefully thought-out solutions
  • Successful business experience appreciated, but not obligatory
  • Potential to live a full and healthy life for four to eight years

Salary: $400,000 per annum

Expense allowance of $170,000 for travel, entertainment, and incidental expenses

If this describes you, contact the appropriate party for the 2020 presidential election of the United States of America.

Retired recording, touring musician, lousy coder, 1990 Internet agency founder, podcaster since 2006, learning saxophone in 2018.

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