Visions Under Construction

On January 5th, 2018 we officially begin a new VUC series. Rather than featuring products and services related to technology, we will be asking the shakers and makers to get personal. We want them to talk about their vision and how they are turning it into reality. Ikigai is a Japanese word coming to western popular awareness. Roughly-translated, it means raison d’être.

Ouch! There doesn’t seem to be an English word for this!

John in Florida rightly points out the word purpose works in English, but then the irony is lost. Most of us don’t think of purpose when we get up.

Guests may be calm visionaries or obsessional dreamers. All are invited to express the tech reality they are either building or supporting, and the emotion behind it. I see this as a kind of human version of “A Dog’s Purpose”, except we won’t plunge anyone into rushing water or wait for them to reincarnate.

Some History

For over eleven years, the VUC has been meeting every Friday to discuss communication-related technologies. The series of 676 episodes began in March of 2007. The main topic was Asterisk, an open source pbx that let you install your own office phone system on inexpensive PC hardware. From the first day, it was an interactive conference, not a podcast. It was a live phone call with listeners and guests alike phoning it. A short while later, the name was changed to VoIP Users Conference and the topics varied within those confines. We added worldwide local-rate phone numbers to join in the conference and participate. Around 2012, we added YouTube Live video. Recently, we changed the name again, to IP Communications Community Conference with the subheading “packets of everything”. This officially removed the V word. We now only use it amongst ourselves. We talked about anything that travels on the Internet: audio and video calls, WebRTC, IoT, surveillance, etc.

Playlist for the 300+ videos of past conferences

VUC is dead. Long live VUC

Today, we are turning a new corner with Visions Under Construction, a significant change from the previous philosophy. Even before January 5th, we expect to publish some content under the new paradigm. As the founder of VUC, I unilaterally decided one day to set a new course: A less technical, more human-oriented approach.


For twelve years, my two-person company worked with some of the world’s finest Bordeaux winemakers. Do the names of Châteaux like Haut-Brion, Margaux, Yquem, or Palmer sound familiar? The first two are among the five top wines of the world. We met and socialized with dozens of wine people in other regions. We discovered the passion these men and women have for what they do, and the constant equilibrium they have try to keep between nature, legal issues (because, alcohol), investors and business in general. Almost all modern wineries use a lot of technology, as well. I understand that these challenges are also true for any human artistic endeavor, be it writing, drama, comedy, music, winemaking, cooking and the technologies related to them. In a word, we are talking about art and art is a product of passion.

The Why is More than the What

Of course we will hear about what guests are creating and how they are accomplishing it. What is changing is the approach to that topic. Rather than a mechanical approach, we want to get into why the work is important to them, how it will affect others (the world, even!) and how it came to be.

Sites and names may change, but one URL is easy to remember:

The Devil is in the Details

✔ Watch Twitter for news of live or recorded sessions
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✔ At you can watch the latest video or live feed
Phone in to join the discussion (USA: (213) 454-0461)
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✔ Comment or ask questions on IRC channel #vuc on
✔ Join our Mastodon instance to give your thoughts and ideas

Stay tuned for further news!



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