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During the pandemic

Child’s Play (2021)

Here’s her answer

Call for positive action

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“Live long and prosper”

Chief executive position opening

  • Be an American citizen in good standing, not less than 35 years of age
  • A knowledge of American law and the United States Constitution as well as notions of geography, world history and finance
  • Motivation to absorb the complex structures and protocols of security and diplomacy not known to the general public and a general intellectual curiosity for everything involved in being a strong world leader
  • A history of building good relationships and working as a team
  • Ability to assemble a stable…

Apéritifs en lockdown

Original article from March 21st, 2020

Tribalism helped us survive; Now it’s in our way

Photo by theikdhi Sann on Unsplash

Must be a miscalculation, I felt no jubilation


Retired recording, touring musician, lousy coder, 1990 Internet agency founder, podcaster since 2006, learning saxophone in 2018.

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